Chris DeRuischer

Churchill Mortgage
NMLS: 1025953
Home Loan Specialist
1600 E Beltline Ave NE Suite 114
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Office: (616) 284-4555
Cell: (616) 644-3702
Fax: (616) 588-6447

“I believe I can change lives by helping customers achieve debt-free homeownership. Our culture overwhelmingly buys into the lie that you will always have a mortgage. I believe I can combat that lie using sound advice and the best mortgage tools on the market. We specialize in helping our customers create a plan for paying off your home. I help my customers set up the right mortgage on the right home while creating a strategy for paying it off. We will present mortgage options that will encourage you to pay off the home quickly and we will regularly review your home loan to ensure you are on the right track. If I will do this for you and your family, why wouldn’t you join us on the journey to debt-free home ownership? ”